Reply Letter daripada Nuffnang Tentang CPUV

Pagi tadi saya telah hantar tiket kepada Nuffnang. Saya request for CPUV. Nampak macam gedik je kan, tp saya saja2 je tanye, nak tahu jawapan daripada Nuffnang. Jom bace dan renung-renungkan. 

Soalan saya kepada Nuffnang:

Dear Nuffnang,

 1. I wrote this letter to request for CPUV. I have been registered with Nuffnang last January and since I registered, my blog never get promotion from CPUV even my blog have a large number of unique visitor. For today only, the unique visitor is more than 2000. 

 2. If my blog do not suitable for CPUV, please tell me the reason. I'm curious to know. 

 3. Why the leaderboard at my blog always empty without any ads? 

 Thank you.
 Please reply ASAP. (^__^)

Reply letter daripada Nuffnang

Thank you for writing in!

I will try my best to answer your questions. :)

1. Advertisers choose which blogs they want to advertise based on several factors such as the demographics of your blog readers, the desirability of ad units, membership exclusivity and the availability of ad units.

Advertisers are the ones choosing which blog they wish to advertise on. Your blog competes with all other blogs out there that share the same genre as your blog demographics. As there are over 100,000 blogs in the community, the campaigns are spread out evenly to all blogs and thus it's not surprising that your blog has not been chosen for any ad campaigns.

2. In addition, please take note that you're fairly new to our community and it takes awhile for us to monitor your traffic consistently before we can propose your blog for any campaigns. Please be patient and we assure you that you'll receive ad campaigns from our advertisers as long as all your ad spaces are optimized.

3. We've checked your site and actually this is normal. When you don't have ads assigned to you for that duration, the ad space will minimize itself and only shows 'Ads by Nuffnang' or 'Follow me on NuffnangX'. When you have ad campaigns running on your ad units, the ad images will show up as usual. Don't worry. :)

Hope this helps, and do write in again if you have any further questions. Have a great day ahead! :)


Laura Lee
Community Executive

Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

Puas hati? Hantar je ticket, terus dia reply. Cepat sungguh. Kesimpulannya, kalau nak CPUV, banyak-banyak la bersabar dan banyak-banyak la tulis post baru.

InsyaAllah, rezeki ada jika diusahakan. Semoga saya dan blogger lain dimurahkan rezeki. Amin.