Pertandingan Dapur Solar 2013

Pada 18 Mei 2013, telah dilangsungkan Pertandingan Dapur Solar a.k.a Portable Cooking With Nature sempena Karnival Sains dan Teknologi Daerah Kuala Kangsar di SMK Tok Muda Abdul Aziz, Sungai Siput. Sebanyak 12 buah sekolah bertanding. Pertandingan dibahagikan kepada dua slot iaitu pembentangan Persembahan Power Point dan Ujian Pemanasan Air.

All twelve Solar Oven. Can you guest which oven is the winner?
This year the competition is quite tough
coz most of the oven look quite the same. 

The participant. From left, Hairie, Hakim and Ihsan.

Thumbs-up! They did a great job, but do not lucky enough to win.
We are the third. The final reading of the water temperature is 70 degree Celcius. 

The Winner.  Product from by SMK Tun Perak, Padang Rengas. Congratulations.
Next year, I will make a similar Solar Oven. InsyaAllah.

The Runner-up. From the host school, SMK Tok Muda Abdul Aziz, Sg Siput.
The oven quite similar with the winner. (I'm I rite?)

An awesome Solar Oven from SMK Raja Perempuan Kelsom.
The design are so unique. They use plain water to focus sunlight into the oven. 
Unfortunately this solar oven is not portable.
May be they can improve the solar oven for next year.