Metta adalah satu aplikasi online yang membantu guru menggabungkan pelbagai jenis media digital seperti power point, muzik, gambar, teks dan kuiz dalam satu persembahan. Saya dah cuba explore aplikasi ini dan ia amat mudah digunakan. Guru-guru di US amat digalakkan menggunakan aplikasi ini tapi penggunaan aplikasi ini tidak didedahkan kepada guru-guru di Malaysia. Sebenarnya, kita di Malaysian pun boleh menggunakan aplikasi ini kerana seperti aplikasi online percuma yang lain, kita cuma perlu sign up dan login sahaja. Kepada semua cikgu-cikgu, silalah cuba aplikasi ini. BEST!

Berikut adalah sedikit maklumat mengenai applikasi METTA.

METTA- Digital presentation tool

Metta (formerly known as Soo Meta) is a new digital presentation tool that allows you to combine videos from YouTube, pictures from the web or from your desktop, text, and voice recordings to create a presentation. You can also pull-in content from Pinterest and Twitter to use in your final presentation. Metta also allows you to insert a quiz into your projects. This means that people viewing your Metta projects can watch a short video clip then answer questions about it before moving onto the next part of the presentation.

The Metta editor is fairly easy to use. Create a free account to get started then open your browser to and title your first project. After giving your project a title, add a background image from your computer or from the web. Next pull in a video from YouTube. The video can be yours or any other publicly shared video. You can trim the start and the end time of the video in the Metta editor. To add text just click the text box in the editor and type. Finally, to narrate a frame (Metta calls them chapters) in your project click the microphone icon in the editor and make your recording. Completed Metta projects can be embedded into your blog or website.

Applications for Education

You could have students create Metta projects in which they create book trailers using video clips, images, and their voices. Students could use Metta to create a digital collage of media around a current events topic that they're studying. Metta might also be used by students to create a showcase of their best digital works of the semester.

Berikut adalah video tentang METTA

Sekian. Saya harap post ini dapat memberi info baru kepada cikgu-cikgu. (^__^)


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