Nasihat Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat Kepada Guru

A few valuable points for the attention of teachers by Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat

1. Before beginning to teach recite
Surah Al-Ikhlās 3 times dedicating the reward to those who have contributed in your path in seeking knowledge. Ask Allāh for assistance in teaching.

2. Upon the completion of a lesson recite istighfār as you were not able to teach as you should have, as there must have been shortcomings in your teaching.

3. Students are the guests of the Prophet of Allāh صلي الله عليه وسلم, so a teacher should already be in class before the students enter so that he/she is able to greet them by saying مرحباً بكم.

4. Make du‘ā for the students and do your best in teaching them.

5. Be compassionate with the students, just like how one would be with his own child.

6. Do not pick on the weaker students. Rather, build their confidence, because by picking on them you may stop them from learning Dīn and become a means of them giving up.

“Help build them, not break them!”

7. Recognise your students. Do not annoy students such that they develop hatred for you. Create the love of yourself in their hearts so they are willing to listen to you and understand you. Advise them because you love them.

8. Upon the mistakes of students, do not admonish each one of them in the same manner, but in different ways depending on their characters. They are your children, and the way each child is dealt with should be with love. This way you get the best results out of them. Admonish them with love.

9. Always remember: one of these students maybe the means of your salvation and entry into jannah.

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