SK025 Experiment 5 Class of Alcohol

Experiment 5 class of alcohol

Hello Champions! Welcome to our virtual lab. In this experiment, we are going to investigate class of hydroxyl compounds and chemical properties of alcohol and phenol. There are three class of alcohol, primary, secondary and tertiary alcohol. To deduce the class of alcohol (aliphatic alcohol). first, draw structural formula and then indicate the class of carbon that attach with hydroxyl group (CARBINOL carbon).

So, let's watch the demonstration video by Unit Kimia KMPk.

Lucas test is the confirmatory test for class of alcohol. As phenol is an aromatic alcohol, we can not use Lucas test as confirmatory test for phenol. Thus, we will use bromine water test or  reaction aqueous iron (III) chloride, FeCl3.

Meanwhile, oxidation can not used as confirmatory/identification test because it can not identify the functional group. It can only detect the present of H atom at the functional group.

If you not sure writing the observation and reaction equations in Lucas test, oxidation and bromine water test,  please watch my video. I really appreciate if you could like and comment your collage's name.

For oxidation of alcohol using strong oxidizing agent such as hot acidified sodium dichromate, the color change from orange to green. The side product for this reaction are chromium ion (Cr3+) and water. Beside hot acidified sodium dichromate, you can use hot acidified potassium permanganate.