SK025 Experiment 6 Aldehydes and Ketones


Hello champions. Experiment  6 is the most colourful experiment. Pink, purple, yellow, orange, blue and even silver mirror is formed at instant. Everything is so magical. This experiment is used to differentiate aldehydes and ketones  using Brady's test, Fehling's test, Tollen's test, Schiff's test, Tollens' test and iodoform test.

Here is the demonstration video by KMPK's lecturer. 

And, at here is the discussion for the experiment. In this video, I shared report writing tips, such as introduction, discussion, precautions and conclusion. The colourful products of experiment are there too.

For your observation, please follow the following tips:

Brady's test:
positive observation: yellow orange precipitate formed
negative observation: no yellow orange precipitate formed @ no observable changes

Fehling's test:
positive observation: blue colour of Cu2+ decolourised and brick red precipitated formed, Cu2O
negative observation: blue colour of Cu2+ remains unchanged @ no observable changes

Schiff's test:
positive observation: pinkish purple solution formed
negative observation: no pinkish purple solution formed @ no observable changes

Tollens' test:
positive observation: silver mirror formed
negative observation: no silver mirror formed @ no observable changes

Iodoform's test:
positive observation: yellow precipitate formed
negative observation: no yellow precipitate formed @ no observable changes

In your discussion, for all reaction, please write equations and its observation. But for Schiff's test, just write the observation only (no need to write chemical equations for Schiff test) Means, overall, you will have 16 equations (4 test x 4 organic compounds) and 20 observations.