Phenol is an aromatic hydroxyl compounds. The presents of benzene ring at phenol give a huge effect in chemical reaction. Thus, phenol has different reaction with alcohol. 

Acidity of phenol 

Both phenol and alcohol reacts weak acid. But, phenol is more acidic compare to alcohol and water.  Pease watch the following video for explanation.


Generally, acid dissociated to form H+ and conjugate base. If the conjugate base is more stable, the possibility for reversible reaction to occur is lower.  Phenol is more acidic because it has more stable conjugate base while alcohol is less acidic because is has less stable conjugate base. 

 Chemical reaction and identification test       

As a weak acid, phenol reacts with base (NaOH and Na). Phenol can be differentiate with alcohol and benzene using ferric chloride and bromine water.