SK025 Faraday's Law of Electrochemistry

Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis states that the quantity of substance formed, m at an electrode is directly proportional to the quantity of electric charge supplied, Q. 

m α Q

Quantity of substance formed, m

Quantity of electric charge, Q.




Molar volume at STP: 22.4 dm3
Molar volume at RTP:
24 dm3


Formula to calculate Q


Q = It

Q = electric charge in coulombs (C)
I = current in amperes (A)
t = time in second (s)

If the quantity of electron transfer increase, the electric change will increase.

1 mole of e ≡ 1 F ≡ 96 500 C

2 mole of e ≡ 2 F ≡ 2 x 96 500 C