POGIL : Proses Pembelajaran Inkuiri Terbimbing

Kali pertama saya dengar tentang POGIL apabila kawan saya cadangkan tajuk ini untuk kertas cadangan untuk HLPS. POGIL adalah singkatan Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning.

POGIL is a team-based, active-learning technique that attempts to engage student’s by having them do activities designed to help them master material and develop skills in learning, communication, problem-solving, working with others, and self-assessment of learning.

POGIL attempts to help students develop skills in the learning process as well as master content; hence the process-oriented portion of the name. It does this by having students work in learning teams that follow instructions guiding them through exploration of a topic, solving a problem, or creating an artifact is accounts for the guided-inquiry learning part of the name.