Apakah Falsafah Anda Sebagai Pendidik?

Sekarang saya sedang sambung master di UNIMAS. Kursus Learning Science. Kursus ini memang sangat berkait rapat dengan kerja saya sebagai seorang pensyarah. Setiap kelas membincangkan bagaimana pembelajaran berlaku dan bagaimana seorang pendidik (atau dalam teori vygotsky disebut MKO, more knowledgeable other) membantu novice learner to be an expert.

Terdapat dua persoalan yang dilontarkan kepada saya dalam kelas master tersebut, sehingga hari ini, saya masih lagi tidak pasti dengan jawapan saya tu.

Soalan pertama: kenapa sambung belajar?
Soalan kedua: apakah falsafah anda sebagai pendidik?

Kenapa saya sambung belajar?

I want to spent my weekend wisely. i have very boring weekend. There is no place to lepak, no one to talk with, no interesting activity to do. sound horrible right. But, now i realize, continue study need more time, not just my weekends, but my weekdays too. And i never thought of this before, aghhh! My class on weekends, but when i should do all the assignments? weekdays, right? But i'm too tired during weekdays. I cant study at night, after work. If i push myself, it does not work also.Currently, i feel super-duper tension with all the assignments. My plan, I just want to spent my weekend wisely, not to do assignment on weekdays. And assignment, need to do in english, and my english sudah berkarat, grammar gone, vocab lost...errr! Nak faham jurnal pun susah.

Do i really want a master degree? i dont think so. Do i continue my study to learn something new? yes. Do i take this course to be better teacher? not so, but yes, this is a good course for a teacher.

Apakah falsafah anda sebagai pendidik?

I dont have any teaching philosophy. Thanks god, nobody ask this question before. So, why i teach? its my job. What i want from my students? I want them to learn. Learning happen when my students able to do their homework, assignment and quiz.  What motivate me to teach? Working environments. i accept students' attitude and capability, but management really influence me.

Attending this master course, really reflect myself. im not a successful person, i dont know how to be a successful person. I dont even have any goal in life, or in teaching. i only have a hope, to start a new life, because one thing that i'm really sure, this is not my place, my moment.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 
Now, i'm not at the comfort zone, but i dont know where to go.