SK025 Alkane

 Alkane. For self reflection, if you could answer the following questions, you are at a good condition.

1. Why alkane can ONLY carry out free radical substitution?
2. What is the function of UV in halogenation of alkane.
3. How to identity major and minor product of halogenation of alkane
4. Differentiate the products of combustion at different conditions.

At here, is the summary for physical and chemical properties of alkane.

To have better understanding of halogenation of haloalkane, please understand the mechanism.
In the first video, you will understand the three steps in the mechanism of simple alkane.

In the second video, i discuss the mechanism of halogenation of cycloalkane using cyclohexane. You need to be familiar with drawing technique.


The last video, discuss more complex alkane, which produce major and minor product of halogenation.