Comparison between Born Haber energy cycle and Born Haber energy level diagram

Born Haber

SK025 Born Haber

Hello Champions. Before drawing the Bond Haber Diagram, please recall enthalpy formation, enthalpy atomisation, ionisation energy, electron affinity, lattice energy and bond energy.

  • Enthalpy of Formation is the heat changed when 1 mole of a compound is formed from its elements in their most stable state.
  • Enthalpy atomisation is the heat absorbed when 1 mole of gaseous atoms is formed from its element in its most stable state at stated temperature and pressure 
  • Lattice energy is the energy released when one mole of a solid ionic compound is formed from its gaseous ions. 
  • First ionisation energy is the minimum energy required to remove an electron from a neutral gaseous atom in its ground state. 
  • Electron affinity the amount of energy change to added 1 mole of electron into 1 mole of gaseous atoms or ions in their ground state.
  • Bond energy is the energy required to break a chemical bond.